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Victor Zanta – (Founder)
Favorite Comic Series – Nightwatch (1994-1995)
Favorite Comic Character – Victor Von Doom

Eric Scroggs – (Writer & Vice President)
Favorite Comic Series – The Amazing Spider-Man
Favorite Comic Character – Superman

Michelle Felizarte – (Writer)
Favorite Comic Series – The Walking dead (October 2003- Ongoing)
Favorite Comic Character – Batman

Jonathan Gomez-Dominguez – (Writer)
Favorite Comic Series – The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)
Favorite Comic Character – Iron Man

Garry Robertson – (Writer)
Favorite Comic Series – Hellblazer
Favorite Comic Character – The Joker

Justin Barnes – (Writer)
Favorite Comic Series – Miracleman 1985-1989
Favorite Comic Character – Batman

Ethan Barker – (Writer)
Favorite Comic Series – The Sandman 1989-1996
Favorite Comic Character – Doctor Strange