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Saga #7-8 Review — December 13, 2012

Saga #7-8 Review

If you are reading this, then you already know that this review is a two issue review! I had to do this because I have been super busy with secret projects that will be announced soon quite possibly on our Facebook page and on our site soon! So as dedicated fan to the series, here is a review on issue number seven and eight. First, let me bring you up to speed. Marko, Izabel, Alana, and Hazel find a ship and to escape capture but the sanctuary is short lived after Marko’s parents commandeer the ship and blast Izabel to God knows where. Robot Prince kills the stalker and the Will vows vengeance. Which leads us to our beloved runaways in the middle of space.

I will start with issue seven, which starts with a little history lesson on how Markos was brought up to hate the inhabitants of Landfall. This followed by disapproving looks from Markos mother and overprotective, motherly hostility aimed towards Marko’s parents courtesy of Alana. Marko quickly teleports with his mother to try and find Izabel after he learns that she has been transported and Barr, Marko’s Dad, awkwardly gets stuck with Alana. Alana does not trust Barr and ties him up after he tries to reason with her. Marko and Mom find themselves in a bit of a situation when they encounter a giant, nude, troll with three eyes and genitalia the size of a two story house. The issue ends with sadness as Barr escapes his trap by reveling a truth to break the enchantment. Turns out that Barr is going to die in one month.

Issue eight starts with a bit romantic look on how Alana met Marko. Which was at a Landfall prison, where Alana was the guard and Marko was the prisoner. The irony was that before she met Marko, Alana was reading a book about two unlikely people that fall in love. Anyway, Alan wakes up after Barr puts her to sleep with a spell and she is awoken two some brand new clothes. Alana has a talk with Barr and urges him to tell the rest of his family. Barr of course says no and tells Alana that he does not want “Pity”. Meanwhile, on a distant planet somewhere in space, Marko and his mom are trying to fight Fard, the three eyed giant with no clothes on. Marko binds him to the ground after almost striking his mom down after she continued to put down Alana and mentioning Gwendolyn. Fard tells them the truth about this planet and the possible location of Izabel. Truth is, they have been standing on a egg the size of a planet and according to Farn, it is ready to hatch! This issue ends with the revealing of the master mind behind the mercenaries put in charge to find Hazel and Company… Gwendolyn!

I’m going to try and keep these final thoughts on the last two issues of Saga short since I usually have the same thing to say about this series. I absolutely love the fact that this series can show how capable the writers are of integrating different genres to this story. I always looked at this series as a dark and serious drama with some comedy, but the fact that they added a giant, three eyed troll with the giant genitals that took up most of the page was just very edgy. These last issues weren’t cliff hangers which is good because it got a little old having to wait. Instead we had a lot of secrets revealed and questions answered. The origins of the characters had to have come out sometime and they integrated it perfectly in my opinion. Tons to say about the direction of the series’s story line but my reviews are complete with out admiring some of the awesomeness that is the artwork. I am very fascinated by the environment work that they did for these two issues. The egg planet is amazing and Farn was crudely and effectively designed to sort of ease the tension on how serious the situation was. Vaughn and Staples are absolutely amazing and this is probably the last Saga review for the year so I will say that this series definitely deserves a lot praise for its unique qualities. I give both issues a 10 out of 10. Thank you all for reading and enjoy!

Iron Man #1 Review — November 18, 2012

Iron Man #1 Review

It has finally arrived! Though the Invincible Iron Man had a long run at an impressive 527 issues, the time has come for our favorite armored hero to revamp his image for “Marvel Now!”. I am not going to lie, I was kind of opposed to the idea of restarting this legacy, but I have high hopes that we will see something exciting. Our first issue of the new Iron Man is written by none other than Kierron Gillen (Uncanny X-Men) and sketched out by Greg Land (Ultimate Power).

Our first issue begins with Iron Man flying and contemplating the definition of believing in something. Kind of depressing tone set so far but we get to his drinking right after. We are taken to club in New York in where we see Tony’s ability to get females. He has a conversation with Pepper about how he should be more careful. It was more like a lecture. Meanwhile in Argentina, a female scientist pops out of sewer and punches a girl so that she may use her cell phone. She was being pursued by a man in a hazmat suit and then gets incinerated right after leaving a message. We find out that she left a message to Tony and it turns out, Extremis got out. Tony goes to a A.I.M. demo that reveals they have the extremis for sale. Tony infiltrates and manages to wreck things up. We see his new suit in action and I was very impressed. He grabs A.I.M. rep and gets his info. It ends with Iron Man finding out that the extremis has been sold to four other organizations.

So the first thing I noticed was the cover art. The variants are way better, I felt like this one looked plain and I do not like the title art. I know, most people probably are saying “who cares about the lettering in the cover art?!”. I do and I don’t like it and the regular cover art. Thankfully I got the Quesada variant so the regular variant is collecting dust. The one thing Land did do for this issue that completely rocked was this issues art. Very colorful and detailed, and what stood out was Iron Man’s awesome new armor. Black looks good on Tony. So far the story began with deep thought and it quickly strayed away and gave us good ol’ ladies man, alcohol filled Tony. It’s too early to say that this series will give us the same thrills as Invincible, but it isn’t a bad start. I already saw the cover art for the next issue and it looks better than this one, so… yeah. I give this Marvel Now Iron Man a solid 9 out of 10

Storm Dogs #1 Review — October 30, 2012

Storm Dogs #1 Review

New from Image is a series called Storm Dogs. This got me particularly excited because I get to see David Hine (Spider-Man Noir) and Doug Braithwaite (Universe X) working together again. “Brave and Bold” was back in 2008 and this is something different, exciting and way out of your normal sci-fi thriller. It’s nice to take a break from my the usual Marvel reviews while I wait for the next issue of Saga comes out.

Our story begins with a group of native “Joppa” of a planet called “Amaranth” who spots a Union ship in the distance. In the ship is a crew of international investigators who are traveling to solve strange deaths that have occurred on Amaranth. We meet Maska and Cassandra who tell us a little bit about the two main inhabitants; Which consist of the “Elohi” and the “Joppa”. The crew say their last good-byes to their close ones via holograms and touchdown to meet our earlier group. We are cleverly introduced to these natives, Bronson and Commander Burroughs. We also are introduced to Doctor Jared and Siam Locke, who make up the rest of the Union crew that are in charge of this investigation. The crew head out and learn that there is a storm heading their way. Though the natives are reluctant to work under these conditions. The Union crew want to push through and go explore even under the bad weather. Moving on, there terrain vehicle is suddenly mauled by a group of giant creatures and they are forced to put on suits that protect them from the rain. A member of the group named Diego, along with others, die in the most brutal and mysterious way after they abandoned ship and were exposed to the weather during their attempt to shoot their way out of the attack. The crew decides to brave the storm. Commander Burroughs calls them “Storm Dogs” and explain the meaning. Apparently back when the original settlers in this planet set to explore, they would send dogs out during this storm. The dog’s would go crazy once the rain would touch their skin and that is where the title origin comes from. Once everything cleared up, Doctor Jared went to open the suit worn by Diego, after he was seen walking and falling to his death. His insides were completely melted. This first issue ends with the first appearance of the second inhabitants of the land, the Elohi.

Let me start this review by saying how creative this world is. It reminds me of a spaghetti western mixed with a very vivid, space, woodland setting. They are two opposing creations that are blended very well. The introductions to our main cast was well written and was not at all the least bit cheesy. The dialog was well thought out and impressive. I like that I can read a comic book with mature dialog and feel so casual. The book has some of the most colorful scenes and what really got me was when they opened up Diego’s suit and all you could see was this steamy, puddle of boiled organs with his bones exposed. That was very repulsive and is a plus for me because I love great detail. Every page had an array of great panels filled with amazing backgrounds, settings and characters that all felt well thought out. One thing that Image Comics has never failed me is their awesome selections of comics that have amazing cover art. Both Doug and Sue Braithwaite continue that tradition and made theirs impressive. Great choice in design, it’s very minimal and not too busy, yet you can’t help the trend in detail with this comic. I can’t wait to read the next issue and hopefully this series will fill in as the series I read while I eagerly wait for the next issue of Saga. I give this awesome start to a potentially amazing series a 9 out of 10

Secret Service #4 Review — October 15, 2012

Secret Service #4 Review

There’s nothing like feeling humiliated after trying to impress peers using your abilities to pick up women at a bar. Welcome to another exciting review of the next issue of Secret Service. Our last issue had Gary leaving the scene after he overheard some smack talk about him from his service team. Of course he reacted like how any of us would’ve reacted, leave and go hang out with bad influences. Now stuck in the middle of a car chase, our next issue continues his downward fall from his promising career. This series does have a second dilemma however and this issue goes back on it.

Gary gets lectured by his uncle Jack and we learn the disasters that he has committed when he stole his car and went on a joyride with his buddy. After this confession he tells his uncle sorry and decides that sense no one thinks that he looks nor acts the part of Secret Service agent, he will learn how from his uncle. First things first, he needs to prove that he won’t do anything stupid to the agency. So after being knocked out with gas thanks to good ol’ uncle Jack, he finds himself stuck in the middle of a Latin American country in his boxers. His only way back is at in mansion and he has to be back in England before midnight. He starts by beating up a cop that was harassing him, steals his car and clothes. He proceeds to the mansion only to be greeted by a hail storm of bullets. He eventually gets in using the same way and meets the most wanted drug dealer that owns the place. He makes it back with the drug dealer and has permission to be reinstated. To celebrate, Uncle Jack takes Gary to get a suit and a make over. The Service finally puts a face to all the killings and they plan things out. Finally, Gary goes home and finds that his welcome home surprise is ruined do to the black eye that he found on his mother. It ends with Gary confronting his mom’s oppressor.

As consistent as this series has been. Not much can be said about this series because it’s still the same old Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. It looks like one big happy family on the cover, and compared to covers for Superior, Nemesis, and Millar’s other works, this one seems to start to lose it’s touch. I want better regular covers for this series. The artwork is still consistent and great. The panels are very well organized and is well placed for the story. Speaking of the story, this one sure has a lot going on. It was awesome seeing Gary get out of that country and it was pretty amusing. Overall the series hasn’t changed and that is a good thing. Hopefully we get a better and more epic cover because I feel like they need to definitely compete with previous works. I really like Gary and this series has been full of great humor and action, but when are we going to learn about why the killings are happening? This series is slowly picking up story wise and it’s bad enough I have to wait like two months for this next issue to read developments. This issue gets an 8 out of 10 only because this series lacks something that the others have, I’ve yet to identify it. I’m sure I’ll figure it out on the next issue.

Avengers vs X-Men #12 Review — October 6, 2012

Avengers vs X-Men #12 Review

This is it my fellow followers of BlueRavenComics! The last issue of Avengers Vs. X-Men. The epic conclusion of one of the most entertaining series since “The Secret Invasion”. The beginning of Marvel Now! Our last issue left us with a maddened and corrupted Scott Summers, who wrongfully finished Emma to consume the last of the Phoenix Force. Thus, the Dark Phoenix was born. I’ve been waiting to see how they were going to end this since Colossus was destroyed and now that I have the end in the palm of my hands, I hoped to whoever is out there, that this wasn’t going to be a let down.

This last issue started out like a Guy Ritchie film, where it starts at a certain period and it goes back in forth on the time line. We are taken to seventy-two hours before Dark Phoenix’s inevitable destruction. The Avengers are discussing a better way to fix this problem. Meanwhile, Wanda a Hope are going back and forth playing the blame game and eventually commence a battle of fisticuffs. Then we are transported to what I believe are the best displays of action in a panel in this series ever! Chaos surrounds the Avengers and they stand no chance at the hands of the mighty Dark Phoenix. This battle is so epic that it takes place all over the Earth. With nothing left to do but result in a last result effort to try to drop Scott to the ground, Nova volunteers to restrain Scott. Enter Wanda and Hope, who came to good terms with one another, to start the beating of a lifetime. There was a moment where it was like the “Karate Kid” and Hope would look back at her training with Iron-Fist for guidance. Scott knew this was the end and started having flash backs of his life as an X-Men. Eventually he lets go of his force after an illusion of Jean telling him to “let go”. Hope got the last strike and Just when you think it was over, The Phoenix has chosen its new host. Hope engulfs the force and begins to clean up the mess Scott made. Fearing that she too would become corrupt, the Avengers are on the defense and suddenly Wanda appears to try and convince her to end the Phoenix. In what appeared to be the most subtle hand holding ever seen, the phoenix was destroyed. The force spread through out the world and as a result, more mutants were created. Scott is detained and takes full responsibility. We get hints of whats coming next like, the Uncanny Avengers. It ends with Hope flying away on a jet pack.

Given the circumstances, I couldn’t have seen it end another way. I was fairly satisfied with the way they ended this series and I feel that they picked the right people for this last issue. As much as I love Coipel, Kubert was someone else I admired for this series and he did an excellent job. I was amazed with the fight scenes and the creativity that was put in to this issue. You can feel how big and vast the fighting range was between Scott and the Avengers. I remember one page had Scott punch the Hulk so hard, that he flew from Sydney and crash landed in Sacramento. I was neutral on how they decided to kill off the phoenix force. I was expecting another battle in the mind and instead I got Wanda and Hope holding hands. It’s very Disney like but I get it, they have Wanda and she is the a Ying to Hopes Yang. I love the cover art, it’s very “Star Wars” like and the colors they used were awesome. Iron-man really pops out in it. Overall this was an excellent series but in my opinion, not better then the Secret Invasion or Fear Itself. This issue of the end of this great feud gets a 9 out of 10. The entire series gets an 8 out of 10. Now it’s time for Marvel Now!

Avengers Vs X-Men #11 Review — September 28, 2012

Avengers Vs X-Men #11 Review

It’s almost over! One more issue left and then I’ll have to look for something new and exciting to review in my life. I am so sad… then again it’s all good because I have plans for new things. By the way, I am sorry for the tardiness of this review. I know it is long over due. Any way, Cyclops is the all mighty phoenix force. There is new and ever so threatening form of evil that the Avengers have to topple. The two best contributors to the series make a return to the series. I am talking about non-other than the great Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel. This is the second to last issue and trust me, it is a good one.

Captain America begins the issue by pleading the Hulk to contribute to the cause. He agrees. With the X-men not content with how things are being run, Rogue gets a hand with escaping courtesy of Xavier and the Avengers. Meanwhile Cyclops and Emma are in a heated debate on who will try to kill who first. Little did we know that when he starts seeing illusions, we figure out that his conversation with Emma turns into a mind trick by Xavier. Cyclops gets trapped by the Avengers and it seems that his days are done. He eventually gets out of Xavier’s mind trap and after everyone is done expressing their feeling to him, he decides that it’s time to end this. So, as inevitable as it is, he devours Emma’s phoenix power and destroys Xavier. It ends with the realization of earths pending doom at the hands of Cyclops the “dark phoenix”.

I love this issue so much. I’ve always wanted to see more Bendis and Coipel in the series and this issue is the product of my wants. Jim Cheung and Justin Ponsor are always on point with the cover art and they have not disappointed with this issue. Speaking of art, how awesome is Coipel? I meant the Hulk looks ravaging in this issue and he is super destructive in this issue. The panels have non stop action and it’s well depicted. No dumb poses and ridiculous dialog here, just good ol’ fashion ass kicking. I wonder how this is going to end… it better be good, or else issues like these will be in vein. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Hope you enjoyed this issue as much as I did.

Avengers Vs X-Men #10 Review — August 17, 2012

Avengers Vs X-Men #10 Review

There is a special something about this issue that I can’t point out. Maybe it’s the fact that Hope finally does something cool in this issue. Ed Brubaker returns alongside penciled Adam Kubert to give us issue number ten. Our last issue left us with us with Cyclops discovering the location of Hope after gaining Colossus and Magik’s phoenix power, since the two decided to kill each other after some mind games from Spider-Man. We are nearing the final issues of this very popular series. I am some what sad but, it has been a good read so far.

This issue begins with Cyclops demanding the return of Hope, while Iron Fist is on the guard. He quickly begins tearing up the place and Iron-Man intervenes while Emma escapes to look for Lei Kung, who is hiding in a cave. Captain America is transporting Xavier but, he refuses to leave. We then go back and look at Emma’s abuse of power towards the other X-Men in Utopia. Magneto wants it to stop but, gets put in his place. Anyway, back to the more important stuff, Iron Man has fallen and all looks lost. Until Hope and Lei Kun show up riding an Iron Fist Dragon. They blast him and damage Cyclops only for him to counter. They fall from the sky and Hope manages to spit the same fire at Cyclops. Confused and scared she uses the “Chaos Fist” on Cyclops right before he attacked Hope and the Avengers. He was transported to the Moon where the Watcher senses something wrong. It ends with Magneto sending a mental message to Xavier asking for Help.

Given the fact that Hope kicked Cyclops’ ass, this issue was pretty awesome. There was a lot going on and most questions where answered in the form of action. The Cover art by Jim Cheung and Justin Posner was a little bland this time. I didn’t feel that intensity that was shown in the actual issue, and I feel like showing Cyclops on fire could mean anything right now. Adam Kubert did an outstanding job with this issue. So many intense panels. There is one particular panel that caught my attention and it was the panel that showed Hope pointing her finger at and exclaiming “stop this!”. It looked very convincing. I Ed Brubaker wrote issue three the last time we saw him and he continues to shine in my opinion. Great Job all around I really enjoyed this issue. Our next issue is out in three weeks so until then I’ll keep occupied with other stuff. This issue gets a 9 out of 10.