Titans fans, this is the issue we’ve been waiting for. Finally Lobdell gives a hint of the kind of TT stories I want to read. The origin of wonder-girl arc, by far the best story arc in the Teen Titans so far, comes to a rather abrupt but all around satisfying conclusion. I’m not really reading to see how the story of Diesel ends seeing as he lacks substance as a character let alone a villain. The real reason to read this issue is seeing the interactions between DC’s junior trinity and seeing Kiran, Bart and Miguel just hanging out back home. Finally we get some believable teen writing in these three as they are just hanging out, out of costume. There’s also some foreshadowing to future plotlines with Kiran but who cares because these little hints always end up being unnecessary details that are covered later anyway. And man alive, there are so many little hints to other comics. We get plugs for Superman, Batman and Birds of Prey because that’s what happens when you have characters from the Super-family, Bat-family and Team 7 floating around.

The art by Alé Garza is, in retrospect, far more suited to Teen Titans than Brett Booth’s art. While I was originally a fan of Booth’s art it really fell apart when not doing blurry action scenes which frankly this series has had more than it’s fill of by now. Alé Garza’s more cartoonish style offers less realistic proportions but far more serviceable depictions of the Titans’ costumes and facial expressions. Superboy is back in his Super-tee & jeans look and though I liked his tron costume from earlier issues it makes sense that he’d drop it after leaving N.O.W.H.E.R.E and he looks a lot better in his usual outfit.

If I were to pick out one problem with this series it’s probably the fact that it hasn’t spent nearly enough establishing the team, meaning there’s no structure. These Titans have no Titans Tower, no specific roster, no credo, nothing binding them together other than the fact that the writers through them into a team together. And by the way, where the heck is Skitter? She disappeared while I snoozed through the bore-fest that was the Culling and no one’s even really made any attempt to find her. She had potentially the most interesting story of all!

I’m glad the book is doing some origins now but it really should have some time to settle down first and establish the team before it establishes the individuals. Who are the Titans, why are they hanging out together, what are the relationships? Who’s even in charge? What are their goals? Where’s that team member that went missing roughly five issues ago? What is their base of operations? Basically, I want to know what the Titans do besides just waiting around for another catastrophe to strike that they have to deal with. This series has already been derailed from these questions thanks to the Culling storyline and it’s about to happen again as Death of the Family is rearing it’s gargantuan head in the Titans world along with a Red Hood & the Outlaws crossover. I don’t know when this book is going to get a chance to take a breather and do some world-building but I hope it’s soon.

Either way, this is a solid issue on its own. If you need something to renew your faith that some good can come out of this series, pick up Teen Titans #14