I really enjoy this story that James S. Rich has created here. It’s lighthearted, but still has the standard superhero storyline running through it. Luna is such a good character, both as herself and her alter ego, It Girl, a typical teenage girl in both guises. Mike Norton’s artwork really deserves a mention too, as it also keeps up the overall fun of the story, with bright psychedelic colors and cleverly drawn characters. Luna’s thought-to-be dead sister has been revealed as her enemy, Lala Wah-Wah, her nemesis in the video game Luna played. She can also jump dimensions as the clone on Nana and has transported It Girl inside the video game and into her own domain. The video game is being played again, but this time it’s for real.

At Dr. Flem’s lab, the rest of the Atomics are wondering where everybody went. They soon find out, as they discover them inside the game. In a great twist, just as Lala Wah-Wah is getting the upper hand over It Girl in the game, another It Girl appears, controlled by Josephine Lombard. Because it’s an open game, anyone can join at any time. The Slug and Black Crystal join the game to even up the sides… and the battle begins! In a distinctive Tron-like world, they all trade blows, chasing each other around. It’s all beautifully drawn by Norton, drawing the reader into the game along with It Girl and her team. Skunk joins the game, much to the annoyance of Nana, as it was him who all accidentally killed her with his Skunk gas. He just wants closure, as he never had a chance to apologize to Nana for killing her and has carried the guilt around with him for years. His sympathy falls on deaf ears, as Nana takes him out the game with a burst of energy. The way that Mike Norton highlights different versions of video games during the fight scenes is a breath of fresh air, very cleverly done. It’s at its best when in a very street fighter type of screenshot. The final fight is about to commence! With one powerful uppercut, performed by Dr. Flem on his joypad, Lana knocks Nana out and is then transported out of the game and back to reality in Dr. Flem’s lab. The rest of the Atomics await her and Dr. Flem tells them that she won’t be back, as Luna had knocked her a few dimensions from them. So it will take a long while for her to find her way back. This story arc comes to an end, with the team either sleeping or reading, except for Luna, who is talking to her real sister, Nana. She realizes that, although she misses her sister, she knows that she has made the right decision in joining up with the Atomics again.

A fitting conclusion to the story. Maybe a little rushed, but it was a satisfying end for all concerned. A nice story full of cool references, which all looked so colorful and friendly, but not to take away from a strong story running right through it. A new arc starts next year. One I will definitely be following. An extra mark this issue for a good ending! 9/10