Saul Adams is a vampire, but not one that we usually get shown in the likes of True Blood or the old Bela Lugosi movies. He wants nothing to do with his instincts. He has struggled to keep his bloodlust at bay and live as normal a life as possible in a small town. This all went well, until a serial killer struck the town. The Sanguine killer has drawn undue attention to him. Diner waitress, Ashley, has taken a macabre liking to him. She sets him up with one of the murders, but this only feeds his instincts, bringing them back to the fore. The end of issue #2 shocked us when we saw Saul and Ashley making love in front of a mirror, allowing her to see Saul in his true form. The story itself is like a twisted love story, but with a horrendous edge, as Tim Seeley has hit the reader square in the face with a gritty story and fantastic artwork. The story’s main subject in the first two issues is a pen, but what is so special about it? Why has Ashley been killing people associated with it?

Agent Quinn was investigating a case years ago and was held captive by the perpetrator. He tortured her and drank her blood. This is something she has never forgotten and has had a severe impact on her. So much so that the case of the Sanguine Killer has brought back horrific memories for her. Saul Adams sits in his darkened room reading and looking after his tropical fish. Spotting one dead on the surface, he takes it to the sea to bury it, so to speak, but he is alerted to a rat running by. This is no normal rat, though, as it changes to near-human form as he captures it. We now know that there is more than Saul trying to keep their true form hidden from the general public. They exist side by side, but the rats have invaded Saul’s territory. Something that he won’t put up with.

Ashley is in the diner, having a laugh with two local guys, but her mood soon changes to one of hatred. Throughout Ashley’s life, she has always been accused of lying. Something that has stuck with her all through her life. This time is no different, as she accuses a customer of stealing money. But, again, nobody believes her. She storms off and thinks back to when her father dealt with her lies by using her blood to write his books. This is where the pen comes in. It’s the same pen that her father used to write his books. Now she does the same to write on the walls, using her victims’ blood. The woman who accused her of lying is her victim, as Ashley slits her throat. Saul appears angry with Ashley, as her actions are still drawing undue attention to him, However, seeing the woman’s body with blood everywhere, he decides to have a little snack while he is there. As the diner’s boss is locking up, we see a knife-wielding shadow ready to claim another victim.

Tim Seeley really has invented a good storyline. With the introduction of the rats to the story, it will only get better. Vivid and colorful artwork really does the murder scenes justice. This makes them stand out. It’s another 8/10 again, as it keeps the pace really well.