This is a really clever group of superheroes. Well-balanced and truly unique, at times. The story has jumped about a little, but I think that is an indication of the way the team’s resources are being spread thinly around the globe. At the end of issue #3, we saw Japandroid being possessed and standing up against her old friends, as she is half human and half machine The Guardians are really up against it. This is all new to the Guardians. Will they cope with fighting one of their own? Read on.

Japandroid transforms to an eight-legged killing machine and Chupacabra stands up to her chopping off one of her legs with his razor sharp claws. The rest of the team notice that the soul of Japandroid is still inside her body, trying desperately to get out. This has deadly consequences, as she enters her nuclear core to destroy the creature within, not knowing that her body contains millions of eggs. They try to escape her body as she goes into meltdown, but Japandroid holds her own. As her core explodes, it takes the creatures with it. Another job well done by The Guardians, but at the ultimate price, it seems. In Virginia Donald, another Guardian is watching his boy Donny struggle at the school track meet. His wife reminds him how fortunate they are that he is healthy. She refers to Brit’s son Brit Jr., who has Autism, but that doesn’t matter, as Donald is a perfectionist and hates losing at anything. His abruptness doesn’t go down well with his wife, which is another indication that not all the team members are level-headed.

Back down at Guardian HQ, Robot stands over the dead body of Japandroid. Scanning it, he sees that none of the Alien Entity is present. As her body is highly radioactive, no one else can enter the room, apart from Robot. The rest of the team look on, obviously distressed. Her body is contained for safety reasons, but this may not be the last time we see her, as the team couldn’t understand her workings from the day they met. So you never know. Outrun strangely seems the most upset at what had happened, but Best Tiger has worked out why. She has been possessed by something or someone. He had worked it out by the way the wind whistled under her armpit when she ran. Strange, but clever. The entity leaves her body and escapes, leaving Outrun wondering what had happened.

The entity looks for ‘Set’, her accomplice, but is horrified when he is thrown through a train and, indeed, through her body. What could have done this? Whatever it was now has the entity under his power. I think the people she was possessing are going to be the people she will ultimately need to help her.

This issue is a marked improvement, with the introduction of possibly another two characters. A tight story is kept ticking along. The artwork is brilliant on the other hand, expertly drawn panels and frames bring the story and The Guardians to life. An extra point, taking it to 8/10.