On first glance, the art is simply fun. It’s bright with a vintage feel and a strong likeness to the Beatles. The four characters we are instantly introduced to are simply known as World Corp. Consisting of Dade Ellis, Simon Grimshaw, Emerson Strange and Thomas Walker, these four men are among the greatest thinkers in the world. Scientists have become the new rock stars and currently, these men are on top of the world.

Our story begins years later with some sort of radioactive monster murdering its two handlers. Turns out this is a video of an experiment gone wrong. Simon, Dade and Emerson, now older men, are discussing this experiment, with Simon fully in support of it and Dade and Emerson claiming it is an abomination. Simon storms off while Dade and Emerson contemplate what just happened. It seems money has changed Simon over time in addition to Dade doubting their worth in the world.

The story quickly shifts to a crew under quarantine on a space station. Clearly they are infected with a virus, shown physically with a new mutation on each member. They are on their own as their location is a secret from the world since they have joined World Corp. It seems the intentions of World Corp may be deeper and darker than what first appeared beginning.

I was excited to read this concept of a world where scientists have become world famous. It’s a fun twist on the concept of a celebrity and I was excited to explore this new world, especially with respect to the art work. I think writer Eric Stephenson and artists Nate Bellegarde and Jordie Bellaire really have a great concept and hopefully it will build into something amazing.

I’ve always been a fan of stories featuring a gang full of colourful and unique personalities. Just like “The Boys” from Dynamite, the movie “The Warriors”, The Breakfast Club or even the Spice Girls, I’ve always enjoyed a gang where you loved and identified with at least one persona. I’m excited to see how Stephenson will build each character into a strong, fleshed out individual. He’s already made it clear that Simon is the outspoken leader type. Thomas, who was missing in the future parts of the issue, is mysterious and unpredictable. Dade and Emerson are the more conscientious and self righteous of the group, and also seem to be closest

In terms art, I really like how Bellegarde and Bellaire were able to distinguish different settings from one another. From the fashion and style to the layout of the buildings as well as the colour palettes used, the art was a fascinating treat to behold.

All in all, I liked this issue as a start to a series. Characters were introduced well and each storyline held up on its own rather than being overshadowed by another. I’m intrigued but not quite in love. I give this issue a 7/10.