Action Comics #15 is just a fantastic comic book that is full of all things that makes the comic book medium special. Sometimes you have to be a patient reader when reading some of Grant Morrison’s work, and here all the long term readers are being rewarded for their patience. Many questions that I have had throughout Action Comics were not only answered, but tied into the main plot in an interesting way.

The last issue ended with the “Little Man” revealing his identity as Vyndktvx, an evil imp from the 5th dimension. This issue we learn the back story of Vyndktvx, what is his motives and how they tie in with Mrs. N, Mxyzptlk, and Superman. The best part of this issue is how there are three separate timelines occurring simultaneously. Morrison does an excellent job providing smooth transitions from the past, present, and future. The way Vyndktvx has been portrayed as such an unlikeable villain. This is really great textbook storytelling from Grant. He has built this villain from essentially the first issue whom as been meddling in Clark’s life, so as a reader I just can’t for the hero to overcome the villain in the finale.

The backup stories in the past few issues has been exceptionally well compared to the those at the beginning of this series. This backup feature from Sholly Fisch is must read material. Once again he is working with artist Chris Sprouse to tell the origin Mxyzptlk. This story fits so well with the main title, at first, I didn’t realise that there was a change in the stories. Sprouse’s pencils combined with colourist Jordie Bellaire deliver great artwork. The bright colours and crisp lines make the perfectly suited style for the 5th dimension world. It’s good to read superhero stories that do not have to be excessively dark and violent to be successful. Morrison is showing us how superheroes can just be fun and entertaining. Overall I have to give this issue a 10/10. Morrison have been doing such fantastic job with this series. Every issue keeps getting better than the last; I can’t wait for the next issue.