The whole concept of these “Revivers” is very cleverly thought up by Tim Seeley. Instead of them becoming the usual flesh eating monsters that we are used to, they are integrated back into society. This doesn’t sit too well with some people, but that’s the way it is. A police task force has been set up as a go-between to enable the “Revivers” to adapt to their second lives. The major twist running through the story is the fact that Dana’s Sister, Martha, is one of them. A good idea, as it changes Dana’s approach to them from business to personal. Their father is also the town sheriff, who has no idea about Martha’s secret. So that’s another story element ready to come into play at some point. The random appearance of the alien creature throughout the story will surely have a greater impact as it plays out, as it is turning up more frequently as we go. Seeley has done a great job with this story, as it’s still based on the horror genre, but it’s done with a subtle mind. It’s never in your face, as the horror side stays in the background most of the time. It’s more in the reader’s head, as you try to think through the intricacies of the story. Mike Norton’s artwork is as subtle as the story, at times. Well-drawn characters and backgrounds, but, when there is horror to get across, Norton handles it wonderfully, with gruesome panels that easily bring the story to life.

As Martha is on the way to rescue May, the alien enters her body. We are shown its thoughts as we see a young soldier going off to fight in the war. He proposes to his girlfriend before he leaves, but is heartbroken on his return, as his girlfriend had married someone else. The creature is after the ring that May has, as it’s the one that he had given his girlfriend. As it appears in front of her, demanding the ring, Martha comes in distracting its attention with the ring. She leads it outside like a dog following a bone. It’s at this point that we realize what the creature represents. The creature is the spirit of the soldier that was wronged by his then fiancée. The ring being the only reminder it has of its past life. As the creature jumps towards Martha, it ends up disappearing under the freezing waters of the river. Is this the last we will see of it?

Martha heads back to help May with Abel. On his way, a really cool snowmobile chase takes place as the girls try to escape. As they try to barge each other off their vehicles, Martha decides to leap from her snowmobile and onto their assailants. This has disastrous results, though, as, in the confusion, they cross the freeway. Bad decision, as they are wiped out by a truck. Martha is thrown into the air, landing in a heap of blood and broken bones. May reaches the body to find Martha laughing hysterically. She now knows her secret. May is shocked, to say the least, but it’s something she will have to get her head around really quick.

Dana realizes that her sister has been calling Professor Aaron Weimar, the teacher she had become involved with when she was younger. She thought this was all over, but obviously not, to her disgust. Towards the end, we see Martha outside Professor Weimar’s house. Is this affair still going on? We also see a couple of insights into the way the story will go, as we are shown Mrs. Hettinga alarmingly reading a note she was left and an old hermit making a rare trip into town, leaving a newborn creature at his house. Loads of twists still grace this story, especially with Martha still having a thing for Professor Weimar and the scenes of Mrs Hettinga and the old hermit. Another well-deserved 9/10.