Issue #1 introduced us to vampire, Saul Adams, who has been set up for a murder he didn’t commit. Only wanting a quiet life, he had integrated himself into his town, mixing freely with the locals and enjoying a life without the pain that being a vampire brought on him. This has all been turned on its head after he met diner waitress, Ashley. She knows what Saul is and feels an attachment to him. She is also the Sanguine Killer, who has been murdering countless people in and around the town. Saul spurns her advances, so she sets him up when she kills her ex-boyfriend by planting Saul’s journal at the scene. Whether Saul wants to or not, he is being dragged deeper and deeper and, the further he gets, the more chance his bloodlust will be awakened with horrific results. Tim Seeley is not messing about with this story, as we already know the identity of the Sanguine Killer and the truth about Saul. The only thing that was left open from issue #1 is the past of Agent Quinn, as we were teased with a page or two, which has only deepened the mystery.

Realizing that he has been set up by Ashley, he sits in the interrogation room, plotting his revenge. He knows he is innocent and the fact that his journal doesn’t phase him at all. He screws with the minds of Quinn and Franks with macabre pleasure. The agents have no evidence, apart from the journal, and are forced to let him go. Meeting Ashley and thanking her for the alibi, he realizes that his primal feelings for Ashley are growing stronger by the minute. Something has been awoken in him that has lain dormant for decades. His past is about to rear its fangs again.

Ashley persuades Saul to break into a penthouse with her, which they easily do by turning into smoke, enabling them easy passage. Inside, Saul is immediately drawn to the deep sea fish the owner has in the room. As we saw in issue #1, Saul has the same fish in his own flat. The occupier appears, firing at them both. Ashley dives at him with her knife and bites a huge chunk out of his neck. Firing at her again, he smashes the fish tank, which immediately turns Saul. He easily kills him and feeds on the dead body. This is when the story flips again, as we are shown Ashley getting sexually aroused by the dormant vampire within Saul. So much so that she demands they make love in front of a mirror, so she can gaze upon his true form. Ashley wants to be turned, but Saul talks her out of it, as he regards immortality as a curse, seeing loved ones come and go and the boredom factor kicking in after a few decades.

So the Sanguine Killer has claimed another victim, with the help of Saul. He is in this up to his neck, but it doesn’t bother him, as he has fallen under Ashley’s spell. Two questions remain unanswered, though. Why did she pick that specific penthouse to break into and kill its occupant? What was she after? We find out at the end of this issue, as Franks works out that it was a fountain pen she was after all the time. Which raises more questions. What’s so special about it and why did she go to so much trouble for it? The pen connects her ex-boyfriend, Lesser, and the penthouse owner, Williams, together and it, no doubt, has a connection to Alvarez at the beginning of issue #1. This pen must be something very special. Roll on issue #3.

A twisted and dark story, well-written by Seeley and Emmons. One that is full of tension and surprises, cleverly created and illustrated by Seeley. Another 8/10.