Perhaps no one else in superhero comics is as much a man of the people as Green Arrow. Implementing various skills in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, technology, and archery, billionaire playboy industrialist Oliver Queen defends Star City from corruption and has made it his life’s work to bring justice to those who would prey upon the weak and fearful.

As an adolescent, Oliver always had a natural penchant for archery, regularly practicing with his bow and arrows. After his parents died when he was very young, he was taken in and raised by his uncle and would go on to inherit the family fortune and business. With his future uncertain and living the life of an aimless, misspent youth with no responsibility and too much time on his hands, everything changed for Oliver when he had an accident in the ocean and washed ashore on a remote island, where he became stranded for several years. Oliver survived on the island without food or shelter by honing his skills as a hunter and perfecting his archery techniques. He would go on to become one of the greatest marksmen in the world. During his time on the island, he also learned how to be self-reliant and matured into a different man than he was before, no longer taking life for granted and living a frivolous, meaningless existence.

Upon eventually being rescued and returning home, he found he couldn’t tolerate the corruption that was so prevalent in Star City. Making it his mission to protect it, Oliver used much of the profit from Queen Industries to fund his war on crime, utilizing the latest technology to aid his already formidable prowess with a bow and arrow. Dubbed “Green Arrow” by the media, Oliver quickly became an urban hero, much like the legendary Robin Hood, who he was inspired by. He has made many enemies over the years. Most notably, Merlyn, Deathstroke the Terminator, China White, Brick, Constantine Drakon, Count Vertigo, and Onomatopoeia, among others.

Eventually, Green Arrow would become a member of the Justice League of America, as well as taking on young Roy Harper as his partner, Speedy, who himself would later go on to become an independent hero, known as Arsenal. Green Arrow continues to use his resources and skills as the Emerald Archer and social crusader of Star City, as well as serving as a covert member of the JLA.