The second coming of the Messiah hasn’t really worked out the way people may have perceived. He now fronts one of the last punk bands in the world, which is not the acceptable behavior of someone held in such high regard by so many people. Right from the day he was conceived, by fertilizing an egg with DNA from the Turin shroud and implanting it in a virgin, this whole concept has been frowned upon by the world’s religious leaders. Kept a prisoner by the J2 Project, he was brainwashed into believing he was Jesus, causing all sorts of problems for all involved, but the tables have been well and truly turned. With his mother murdered at the hands of Slate and his bodyguard, Thomas, hot on his heals, Chris has seriously rebelled against all he is meant to stand for and the world is going to have to deal with the consequences. Sean murphy has created such a controversial character, but, as the story has developed, I can’t stop feeling sorry for him. His pre-scripted life and the death of his mother has flipped a switch in his head and I, for one, can’t blame him. The artwork deserves a mention, too. It’s really well-drawn, including the close-up scenes and the larger frames are also handled well. So read on to see if Chris continues kicking the world’s ass!

The Flak Jackets carry on their gig, while telling their fans to turn on the reporters that are there to try and get a scoop… and they’re certainly going to get one. The riots that ensue wreck the venue, causing the management to lock the band in their dressing room until J2 pays for the damage. As they argue, a familiar face appears. Thomas has tracked Chris down to take him back to the J2 Project, but that isn’t going to happen. Chris persuades Thomas to be the band’s security for the upcoming tour. Thomas didn’t have a chance, as thousands of fans wouldn’t have let him leave with Chris. The world domination meticulously worked out by Chris can begin. People are starting to turn against religion and even the world’s scientists are respecting his views. Daisy Milton and her NAC (New American Christians) will do their best to put him back on the righteous path, but it’s too late for that. Rick slate has been conspicuous in his absence since Chris joined the Flak Jackets… in the public eye, at least. Behind the scenes is a different story, offering him money and all other incentives and threats, but to no avail. Even Sarah has taken her daughter, Rebekah, to see Chris in the slim hope of halting this madness. They, too, fail, as Chris leaves them standing and wondering, fearful of what lies ahead.

The Flak Jackets start their tour with Thomas as head of everything, it seems, including the tour bus they are on. The back of the bus contains weapons and Thomas’ motorbike. With the pull of a lever, a ramp drops and Thomas appears on his bike to tackle the NAC that are on their tail. Thomas easily takes them out, but Daisy Milton is injured in the process. He takes her to the hospital, much to the disgust of Chris. Thomas tries to reason with Chris by saying that the NAC will never stop chasing, but that is exactly what Chris wants. He desires anarchy throughout the world and it’s him against religion.

A flashback shows Thomas in Ireland again, planting a car bomb for the IRA. A bus full of children rolls up, just before detonation. Thomas tries to move the bus, but the bomb goes off, killing innocent children. This is why I think he has had a close relationship with Chris. He thinks all the bad he had done throughout the years was setting a path for him to meet Gwen. Now, he can do some good. Daisy is awake and tries to reason with Chris, but he blames her and religion for everything. This is the final straw, as Chris states that The Flak Jackets are going to tour every religious hotspot, starting with Jerusalem. Even his band members are starting to think Chris has gone too far and, for the record, so do I.

“Fantastic,” “controversial,” “inspirational”… these are words to describe this story, depending on your beliefs and, with only one more issue to go, it gets another 10/10, because it makes you think.