This is the final showdown between Solomon Grundy and the “wonders” of Earth 2, with the life of Earth itself on the line. The New 52 has introduced us to an all new take on heroes such as Green Lantern Alan Scott, the Jay Garrick version of The Flash, and Hawkgirl, as well as other Golden Age characters. Since its inception, I’ve been hooked into this brave new world, thanks to truly sincere writing by James Robinson and Nicola Scott’s amazing artwork. In many ways, these heroes are the cornerstone of the DC Universe, as they are, chronologically, some of the very first characters the company published, back when they were known as National Comics. In this version, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are gone. Now, it’s up to Green Lantern, The Flash, and Hawkgirl to take their place and lead a new generation of wonders.

While some may be put off by Robinson’s more traditionally expositional storytelling, I find it to be a breath of fresh air, in an age of ambiguity and shades of gray. Even if certain characters’ backgrounds are unconventional, these heroes are straightforward in their personalities. Green Lantern is the fearless leader, The Flash is the bright-eyed optimist, Hawkgirl is the cynical warrior with a heart of gold. You get the idea. Each character has their own voice and distinct traits. Perfect for a team book, such as this.

Robinson finishes this story arc with Green Lantern facing his innermost demons involving his deceased lover, Sam, and the team finally appearing to come together as a unit… though, Green Lantern ultimately doesn’t seem as enthused about it as The Flash and Hawkgirl would like him to be. In fact, he ends up dismissing the notion of a team entirely… for now. Also, it seems they’re still at odds with The Atom and Terry Sloan, who are both presented as government stooges, at this point. I think Sloan might even be a bit insane. However, I’m hoping, at least, The Atom comes around and realizes he’s on the wrong side.

All in all, this is a perfect start to a promising new series that will, hopefully, flesh out even more. I see lots of potential, no doubt about it. I’m hoping they all come together soon as a real team and it’ll be interesting to see what their next challenge is. I plan to stick around. 8/10