I was personally asked to review this comic for Blue Raven Comics by Gary Chudleigh, one of the creative team. I’ve done a few small press reviews and was happy to agree to give this a read. This is the resulting review.

The prelude of the story introduces us to the main character, Victor Arkin. He finds his mother dead on the kitchen floor, killed by his drunken father. He runs out of the house with blood pouring from his face, courtesy of his father and a bourbon bottle. Running into the shed, he finds a shotgun and fires it into his father’s chest, killing him outright. The death of his mother and the fact that he killed his father must surely have an effect on his mental state!

Some years in the future, the guards at Straffen Asylum discuss the patients, with their attention focusing on one in particular. The young boy who killed his own father is now an adult… one with severe problems. Victor is incarcerated for the murder of his father and the way his past has left him mentally. As the guards look through the hatch in his cell door, they see him hanging. Cutting him down, they soon find out that it was a trick. Knocking out the guards and using their uniforms, Victor makes his escape. Using some tape that he has taken, he ties up the final guard and leaves the hospital grounds.

The cops race towards the asylum, finding the tied up guard who tells them which direction Victor went. Bryson and Miles are the cops on the case. Bryson seems to know all about Victor and his past and somehow knows exactly where he has gone. Heading into the forest to confront Victor, Bryson questions why he left a guard alive. It’s almost like he wanted to be found. Victor attacks Bryson from behind, but he is too quick for him, as Bryson spins around, knocking him to the ground. He rams his gun in his mouth and he is so close to just pulling the trigger and ending everything, but Victor knocks him to the ground. The tables have turned, as the gun is now in Bryson’s mouth. Victor has been in this situation before, but pulled the trigger. This time, though, he lets Bryson go as he makes his escape. Bryson is now in the city and has joined the multitude of citizens, making him harder to find. What is his plan and who is he after? Issue #2 should throw us some answers.

I didn’t know what to expect here, as this creative team are new to me, but I enjoyed the story, as it raises questions about Victor’s past and the part that Bryson has played in it. Nice artwork also helps the story evolve and now I’m looking forward to issue #2. A solid 7/10 for the first issue!

This comic and others are available to read at www.orcomics.com. Check them out!