Jonathan Hickman’s surreal take on the world’s greatest research programmer continues. I was saddened after the end of his FF run last month. But, this series is increasingly becoming one of my favourite comics each passing month. In this issue, Hickman takes us into the psychology of his distinct group of characters.

Our story begins with Unstinov and Von Braun discussing the possibility of forming union between the both sides that neither of there represented countries know about. Von Braun reveals that is main goal is to protect the human race from possible alien threats. This is the result from back in issue #5 Van Braun’s men caused the genocide of an entire extraterrestrial race. The entire issue is centered around the meeting so there is a lot of talking heads and less action. But, this in no way hinders the enjoyment of the book since there is plenty of plot development going on. The issue ends with Einstein revealing his reason for working on the project which gives him a more heroic role that hasn’t been seen so far. Nick Pitarra’s art fits so well this series to the point where I can’t imagine any other artist on this book. I love the way he depicts facial expression. It gives every character not only a distinct look, but also personality. His attention to detail really made me think of Frank Quietly’s work.

I am also enjoying how diverse Hickman has made every character. There are no two characters that acts alike or even have the same goals or ideas. Every character stands out on there own; which is great. Sometimes when you are reading titles with multiple main characters the writer will sometimes use the same voice, however that is not the case here.This also adds to the irony of comic series since all these characters are believed to working together. At the same time they are working against each other to accomplish their own goals. I had problems with the timeline of the events because the story jumps back from two moments in time. It’s confusing at times figuring out the timeline of all of the events since there are scenes happening post World War II. Along with having both Truman and Roosevelt as the presidents of the United States. I mentioned in my last review how there aren’t many if any likeable characters in this series so far. But, now I have to take back that statement. Some of these characters like President Truman are so wacky and absurd that you can’t help but like them.

Really a great issue. I give it a 9/10. Everything Hickman has been building so far is starting to take shape. If you are a Jonathan Hickman fan, or looking for something outside of the uniform superhero genre you should for sure give this series a try.