The first three issues of Hit-Girl have really set this story up well. In typical Mark Millar gritty story writing, there has been blood spilled at every turn of the page. Mindy has been forced to take on the gangs single handed, for the time being, as Dave has broken his hand, preventing him from taking up the role of Kick-Ass. This doesn’t seem to bother Mindy, as at the end of issue #3 she decides to take on the Columbians. However, she is woefully outnumbered as she enters the gang’s hideout. John Romita Jr. really has formed a formidable partnership with Millar. His vivid mind blowing artwork suits the story and lovely colorful frames make this a stand out, in my opinion, as one of the most visually pleasing comics currently being produced. As everyone knows, I’m a huge Millar fan, but that doesn’t influence my review in the slightest. Read on for another rollercoaster of pain.

Issue #4 starts with Mindy’s rapid descent into the Columbian’s hideout. As she lands, she is surrounded by the gang. In typical Millar sarcasm, they mistake her for a gun-toting midget, to their ultimate misfortune. Hit-Girl holds a digital grenade set for thirty seconds. As the gang run for their lives, Hit-Girl cuts them to the ground with shoots through their legs, leaving them in a heap with the grenade right in the middle of them. As Marcus and the police get ready to raid the building, the grenade goes off, leveling the place to the ground, which is well represented by the skills of Romita Jr. One of the gang escape into the clutches of Marcus. He describes the attacker as having purple hair and a black cape. Marcus now knows its Mindy who is responsible for this and the other attack on the Russians. The race is on, as Mindy tries to beat Marcus home, making it just in time. Marcus isn’t daft. He knows it was Mindy, despite the fact that she is tucked up in bed. She is at a crossroads now, knowing that Marcus has found out her secret. Is this time up for Hit-Girl?

At school the next day, Mindy and Dave are talking about their crime fighting partnership. Mindy has a plan to carry on herself until Dave is fully fit. Things are working out well for Mindy at school, as she has now been accepted by the school divas. Mainly, because she threatened the ring leader, but all is good, so it was worth it. She tells Dave that this is all working up to the demise of Ralphie Genovese at her and Dave’s hands.

Ralphie Genovese is still desperate to find out the identity and whereabouts of Hit-Girl, ordering the killing of anyone who doesn’t tell him what he wants to hear. Still in Rykers, he runs his empire ruthlessly. He knows Marcus was at the warehouse and makes him and his family the next target, not knowing that Mindy is, in fact, Hit-Girl. Ralphie’s nephew, Chris, has been learning all types of martial arts and is on his way back looking to avenge his father’s death by killing Kick-Ass. He is now a self-proclaimed Bad-Ass. This could get nasty.

Mindy tries to make excuses to Marcus for the other night, as he puts locks on her bedroom window, stopping her escaping during the night to become Hit-Girl, removing her Internet access, and changing his shifts. All this so he can keep an eye on her. The doorbell rings. As Mindy answers it, she is face-to-face with Ralphie’s henchmen. They bundle the family into the kitchen, still oblivious to Mindy’s true identity and telling Marcus to beg for the life of his daughter. The issue ends with the image of Mindy with a gun pressed to her head. Will Marcus beg or somehow stop them or will Mindy be forced to reveal her identity and go all Hit-Girl on them?

A good twist at the end, leaving us on a knife edge. What will the outcome be? Has Mindy and her family met their match this time? Brilliantly written and illustrated, yet again, so another solid 9/10. Roll on issue #5!