BEDLAM #1 and MACGVER #1 Sell out, Receive New Printing

BEDLAM #1, the Halloween debut issue of a disturbing new horror series by Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo, has sold out at the distributor level ahead of its October 31 in-store date. It will receive a second printing (SEP128208), to be in stores on November 28, the same day as BEDLAM #2.

Taking its tagline from a Morrissey song — “Is evil just something your are? Or something you do?” — BEDLAM is a dark story about the “rehabilitated” mass murderer Madder Red — known a decade later as Fillmore Press. Recruited by the police to aid in capturing of other killers, Press finds himself fighting against his own nature — against Madder Red threatening to re-emerge.

An advance review lauds BEDLAM’s ability to create uneasiness and fear in readers:

“Bedlam #1 is heavy on the creep factor with just enough mystery and intrigue to keep it interesting. It’s not so much scary as it is disturbing and unsettling, which is way worse in my book.”
Word of the Nerd

Nick Spencer also spoke to USA Today about the grim new series.

MACGYVER: FUGITIVE GAUNTLET #1, co-written by the creator of the MacGyver television show, Lee David Zlotoff, will also receive a second printing (SEP128209). It will be in stores on November 28, along with MACGYVER: FUGITIVE GAUNTLET #2.

The comic re-introduces the world’s most resourceful hero, star of the television show MacGyver, which ran from 1985 until 1992.

In a review of the new comic, Digital Noob proclaimed “MacGyver is back and better than ever, bringing his signature style back to the fans who know and love him.”