The first three issues of Revival have gradually built up a sense of tension, with lots of different story lines and characters intertwined to take us to where the story has reached. The alien creature that appears now and again holds the key to what’s going on, but what is its purpose? Dana Cypress has enough to contend with, but add to that the fact that Martha, her sister, is one of the Revivers. The whole town is going to pieces and it’s up to her to hold it all together.

May Tao hears the familiar ringtone coming from a phone on the ground down in the cellar of Thang Wang’s house. As she picks up the phone, someone appears. It’s a police officer. She is safe, for now. The alien creature makes another appearance right at the beginning of this issue, as if to remind us of its importance to the story. It utters its strange language, apart from one recognizable word, “Martha,” just as Martha wakes up, startled. Was it a dream or something more sinister? Martha notices that her head is bleeding… but from what?

Reviver Arlene Dittman had gone crazy at her own daughter’s funeral. A daughter she had actually killed herself. She set herself on fire… and this is after she was spotted dying in several gruesome ways. She hadn’t just burned from the outside. She had also burned from the inside. Ibrahaim Ramin, who works for the C.D.C. and also with Dana (in more ways than one), has decided to quarantine the funeral home. The townsfolk are getting less trusting of the Revivers. At the police station, May Tao is picking up her personal belongings. Something seems wrong with her, though, as she stumbles into Martha while entering the police station, dropping their phones. Martha picks up May’s phone by mistake and discovers a picture of the alien on it. Martha was shocked to see the photo. Why does May have the picture? Dana and Ibrahaim have doubts about the Revivers now. They have history, so another five-minute fumble might be on the cards between them. For now, though, their relationship is only on a professional level.

May heads home on the bus, talking to her office about a new case to investigate. Getting off the bus, she is confronted by a stranger. Turning around, she sprays mace on her attacker. It’s no use, as he is wearing a crash helmet. He hits her, puts her over his shoulder, and heads off. Things get worse, as Justin Hines is found mutilated in his own bed, his intestines making a nice pattern on the bed sheets. Meanwhile, May wakes up tied to the boom of a breakdown truck, with her kidnapper looking through her phone. He has been after proof of the creatures, wanting to trap one in order to be famous. He states that a containment circle is needed just like the one in the Vang’s basement, and bait to lure it there. Martha is walking in the woods, her breath leaving a smokey trail, as it’s so cold. As she approaches the building that May is held in, she is attacked by the creature. I have a feeling that Martha is being used as bait to ensnare it. Is she being forced to do this or has she been in on it from the start?

The story is taking twist after twist, but not too much that the reader could lose track. So many possible ways it could go, so I am looking forward to the next issue. I have my theories, but I’m keeping them to myself. Good, solid artwork all the way through, especially the creature. So another 9/10 for issue #4.