With the return of the highly anticipated third season of The Walking Dead, Titan Publishing has officially released a magazine prominently featuring the zombie franchise. Because it has expanded into so many markets, including comics, television, video games, books, toys and so much more, this magazine is a great way to remain current on everything and anything related to The Walking Dead.

At 100 pages, Titan Publishing has put out a solid read. This first issue features interviews with prominent figures of the record breaking, Emmy-winning television series including creator/writer Robert Kirkman, actress Danai Gurira who plays the fierce newcomer Michonne, and executive producer/show runner Glen Mazzara. Each article is a great read, showing the passion that goes into the show and dropping tidbits here and there towards this upcoming season. Of course, if you ever need more insight into the show, an article with Chris Hardwick, the host of “The Talking Dead”, reminds us that his show dissects episodes, highlights deaths and answers trivia, all with fun and interesting guests.

I think the best part of this magazine is the wide appeal to fans of the franchise. From video games to books, there’s a little bit of something for everybody. In regards to games, two show great promise. With the upcoming release of a game featuring the Dixon brothers story leading up to the events in Atlanta as well as the fourth episode of The Walking Dead: The Game, fans will be able to put themselves into a zombie ridden world and face events requiring critical thinking in order to survive the apocalypse. Much like in the show, you will face situations where using less ammo and stealthily avoiding zombies will contribute to survival. In terms of books, an exclusive story by Jay Bonansinga is included in this issue. It’s a fun read for fans of the Governor, diving more into his character and past. For more regarding the Governor, you can read “The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor” and “The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury”.

With every page turn, the reader is welcomed by a decaying, flesh hungry face. Photo after photo of zombies featured in the show remind us of how talented the makeup artists and set designers are to the television series. Also, an interview with Charlie Adlard really opens your eyes to the abilities of this artist. Not only does he get a lot of freedom in the art because “Kirkman is not a detailed writer”, but it’s fun to learn the methods behind his art. For example, Adlard is aware that the zombies must look more decayed as the series presses on and shows the progressive decomposition issue by issue. Furthermore, he opts for drawing by hand than anything digital. Considering it is a monthly comic, it really gave me a deeper appreciation for Adlard’s abilities.

Considering all the articles and photos featured in the first issue of The Walking Dead magazine, it is such a great buy for lovers of the franchise. By reading it, you will lose yourself discovering everything there is to know about The Walking Dead. Because this series has lasted for so long (about 10 years!), the magazine also offers a great refresher course for long-time lovers of the comics or a great summary for those who haven’t quite delved into that world but want to anticipate events in the third season.

Truth is there is so much more featured in this magazine than what I’ve been able to cover in this one article. Pick this magazine up for yourself and discover all there is to the Walking Dead. I give this issue a 9/10.