Alix and Baltimo are resisting mechanization… something that comes to everyone in due course. They feel that their lives have a higher purpose and they are correct. Both have been handpicked by the revolution movement, escaping the clutches of the authorities with the aid of others. Making their way to meet the Hermit, they encountered many obstacles, but came to realize that there was help at every turn. Why are they being helped in their quest? Alix and Baltimo are, in fact, The Alter Egos, who have a natural resistance to mechanization and the only ones who can pass through the portal to talk to the gods. Issue #1 ended with Alix and Baltimo traveling through the portal to the Oniric world. Will they make it safely? Read on.

Issue #2 opens with a gorgeous example of Patricio Clarey’s signature artwork, as we see Alix and Baltimo hurtling through the portal, passing worlds in a ball of flame and crashing into a planet like a meteor. Surely they can’t survive an impact so ferocious! As they discover they are still alive, a whole new world awaits them. They are convinced that escaping the train was a dream. They can’t wonder for too long, as the security forces have followed them through the portal. All is not as it seems, though, as we see Alix and Baltimo still in the Hermit’s hut. So, this is partly a dream, but not in the way we thought. Leaving the train and getting to the Hermit was real, but getting to the Oniric world doesn’t seem to be. The security forces are outside the Hermit’s hut and Calvin greets them with his sword, swiftly removing their heads. Fearing that more Authorities will show up, Calvin decides to enable the resistance. They need to give the Alter Egos more time and the time has come to fight. Alix and Baltimo are still being pursued by the Authority mechanoid and, realizing that they don’t need weapons, they destroy it with their minds and bare hands. They realize that this is a dream and they can do anything in it, but they have a mission and must see it to the end. The authorities have captured the Archeologists of Light, obtaining the whereabouts of the Archeologists of Shadows’ headquarters from them. Calvin and K know a war is about to start, so they must protect the machine at all costs. To keep Alix and Baltimo in the Oniric world, they need to find the gods. The Authorities are massing for an attack and they want the Alter Egos alive, but the rest can die. They might just be too strong to resist this time.

On the Oniric world, Alix and Baltimo hear a voice. Checking it out, they find a figure telling them that they are in a nightmare and they must surrender to their fears, or it will only get worse. They now have major doubts that this is, indeed, the Oniric world. Worse is to come, as they approach a large statue. Thinking that it is a god, Baltimo is pulled inside, taking him to another world. He is faced with a huge creature, which tells him that it represents his doubts. Alix is trapped outside, suddenly finding herself in water and struggling to escape. She manages to free herself, only to be faced with a wall of water heading towards her. They are both being tested by the gods. Have they the will and desire to be the Alter Egos? Alix overcomes the water and the spirits within and Baltimo slays the beast and rips the heart from his soul. They must truly be the chosen ones.
After their battles, they are introduced to the Designer… the person who brought them there. Alix and Baltimo must help him. The Guardian has him trapped, creating everyone’s nightmares, and he wants to be set free in return for a meeting with the gods. They agree and make their way to face The Guardian. In a stunningly drawn sequence, the battle takes place, but, as Alix and Baltimo show no fear, he starts to melt and shrink, small enough to be crushed like a bug. As promised, they are taken through a beautiful land to meet the gods.

This issue ends in an epic battle, as The Archeologists of Shadows and the resistance lock horns with The Authorities. The resistance is outnumbered and they are losing the battle. The Authorities finally get inside the Hermits hut, but disaster strikes, as they get to Alix and Baltimo just as they are about to meet the gods in the Oniric world. The machine is destroyed and the Alter Egos have been captured, leaving Calvin and K wondering if this is the end.

Easily 10/10, not just for the artwork, but the story, too, as Lara Fuentes has ramped up the excitement levels and has given the reader two characters that you can really connect to. A masterpiece that just gets better and better. I can’t wait for issue #3!