I feel a need to take out my flared trousers and tie-dyed shirt when I read It Girl. It’s got a distinctive 60’s vibe about it, but it has a feel-good factor and is really enjoyable. Bright and colorful artwork, especially the covers, make it a pleasure to read. The story is getting better with each issue, although it has been good from the start. Jamie S. Rich has given us a weird mix of characters that make up the Atomics. A bit of a pick and mix, but they work well together.

Luna Romy is It Girl, the story’s main character. She was the subject of Dr. Flem’s strange experiments and can now pass between realities. We are left at the end of issue #2 with a clue that Luna’s alternate reality could be the world that her video game takes place. Issue #3 should shed some light on that for us.

The issue starts with Luna and her sister, Nana, sneaking in to see the motor racing. Nana seems to be the one who has to persuade Luna to have some fun. As the girls watch the cars race around the track, the story jumps to Hedgehog, Ferret, and Otter playing a video game, controlling the same cars as Luna and Nana were watching. This is another indication of the way reality and video games are intertwined. As they play, It Girl’s arch enemy, Lala Wah-Wah, appears from out of the TV, asking them if they have taken care of It Girl. Ferret explains that something went wrong, as she had disappeared on them, but Lala doesn’t seem surprised by this.

In Snap City, It Girl and some of the Atomics are looking for Skunk. Carla parks the car as It Girl, The Slug, and Black Crystal go inside. Bursting through the apartment door, they find him. Skunk denies shooting It Girl, but it was his gun that she was shot with. They need his help to defeat the gang, but can they persuade him to step up? Down the sewers, Otter is throwing bowling balls towards Hedgehog. These guys are nuts! As they mess about, Skunk appears. Is he helping It Girl or double crossing her? Ferret wonders how Skunk found their hideout, but, as Ferret still stays with his mother, it was easy. Skunk pretends that he wants back in the gang, as Ferret holds the gun that was used to shoot It Girl against his head. They agree to let him back in. A bad decision, I think.

It Girl plays her video game, as the Atomics tell her the bank is being held up. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what’s happening in the game. Another link here? In the bank, Skunk is with the gang, as they take everything from the customers. As the gang go about their business, a stream of pink mist enters the bank. Hedgehog blames the Skunk, but, as he says, his skunk mist isn’t pink. It’s It Girl’s pink mist, as she can alter her state now from mist to solid and back again at will. The Slug and Black Crystal enter the bank through the wall. Black Crystal throws crystal shards at Hedgehog and Skunk. Hedgehog uses his rolling attack, shattering Black Crystal to pieces, which the Slug picks up and puts in his mouth to regenerate him. A handy trick. In the commotion, Ferret picks up the gun and is ready to shoot It Girl, but Skunk intervenes by spraying him with his green skunk gas. We now know the Skunk is on the side of the Atomics. They have taken the gang down, but it all seems a bit too easy. With a flash, Lala Wah-Wah appears and promptly blames Skunk for her death. This has shocked It Girl, as she recognizes her as her enemy in her video game. All is revealed! They have different persona’s for each world. The video game and real life are linked together, allowing It Girl and Lala to pass between both realities. A much bigger shock for It Girl is revealed, as Lala Wah-Wah is actually her sister, Nana, and Skunk was the one who shot her. How will Luna react to the fact that her sister is still alive, plus the fact that she is now her arch enemy? Not to mention that she now knows it was Skunk that shot her.

The story is still improving, with a good twist at the end of this issue. One I didn’t see coming. Another well-earned 8/10 from me and I’m looking forward to the next issue already!