There’s nothing like feeling humiliated after trying to impress peers using your abilities to pick up women at a bar. Welcome to another exciting review of the next issue of Secret Service. Our last issue had Gary leaving the scene after he overheard some smack talk about him from his service team. Of course he reacted like how any of us would’ve reacted, leave and go hang out with bad influences. Now stuck in the middle of a car chase, our next issue continues his downward fall from his promising career. This series does have a second dilemma however and this issue goes back on it.

Gary gets lectured by his uncle Jack and we learn the disasters that he has committed when he stole his car and went on a joyride with his buddy. After this confession he tells his uncle sorry and decides that sense no one thinks that he looks nor acts the part of Secret Service agent, he will learn how from his uncle. First things first, he needs to prove that he won’t do anything stupid to the agency. So after being knocked out with gas thanks to good ol’ uncle Jack, he finds himself stuck in the middle of a Latin American country in his boxers. His only way back is at in mansion and he has to be back in England before midnight. He starts by beating up a cop that was harassing him, steals his car and clothes. He proceeds to the mansion only to be greeted by a hail storm of bullets. He eventually gets in using the same way and meets the most wanted drug dealer that owns the place. He makes it back with the drug dealer and has permission to be reinstated. To celebrate, Uncle Jack takes Gary to get a suit and a make over. The Service finally puts a face to all the killings and they plan things out. Finally, Gary goes home and finds that his welcome home surprise is ruined do to the black eye that he found on his mother. It ends with Gary confronting his mom’s oppressor.

As consistent as this series has been. Not much can be said about this series because it’s still the same old Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. It looks like one big happy family on the cover, and compared to covers for Superior, Nemesis, and Millar’s other works, this one seems to start to lose it’s touch. I want better regular covers for this series. The artwork is still consistent and great. The panels are very well organized and is well placed for the story. Speaking of the story, this one sure has a lot going on. It was awesome seeing Gary get out of that country and it was pretty amusing. Overall the series hasn’t changed and that is a good thing. Hopefully we get a better and more epic cover because I feel like they need to definitely compete with previous works. I really like Gary and this series has been full of great humor and action, but when are we going to learn about why the killings are happening? This series is slowly picking up story wise and it’s bad enough I have to wait like two months for this next issue to read developments. This issue gets an 8 out of 10 only because this series lacks something that the others have, I’ve yet to identify it. I’m sure I’ll figure it out on the next issue.