After quite a slow start, this story has picked up the pace well and is now an entertaining read. The Crow has started to take his revenge on the people who kidnapped his fiancée, slaying people left, right, and center. John Shirley’s story is getting deeper with each issue, creating much-needed excitement. Kevin Colden’s artwork is as dark as ever, really suiting The Crow character and setting the story up really well. Issue #4 starts back in Tokyo. Haruko’s father is being pushed through the hospital grounds by The Crow. He misses his daughter, but, as The Crow points out, her soul is trapped in the underworld, while her possessed body walks the earth. He promises he will get Haruko back safely to her father. Let’s find out if The Crow succeeds. Hendra, in Haruko’s possessed body, is starting to get freaked out by the constant sighting of a single black crow. Everywhere she turns, it’s there. It’s time for The Crow to make his move. Toko hasn’t found the spirit of Haruko yet. He searches the underworld with no success, but I feel this could be a very important feature at the end of this series.

Hyoto talks with Soro, as we are shown the mysterious Majo inside his casket. What is Majo and what is the power he possesses? Soro asks Majo to bless a skull, in order to make Hyoto an Ikiryo. The same as The Crow, as they must both be one and the same, in order to kill him. Faraday, one of Soro’s henchmen, makes love to Hendra. As he does, Haruko’s spirit in the underworld is grabbed by demons. So there is still some sort of connection between the body and the spirit. The Crow approaches, with his trusted companion flying by his side. He is faced by a spirit of a woman standing in his way. She has been sent to disrupt his passage and warns that he could be trapped in Hell for eternity, as his quest for vengeance goes against all things holy. The Crow doesn’t care. He wants vengeance at any cost, to himself, or anyone else.

Hendra sits waiting calmly for The Crow to arrive, feeling his presence as he approaches. As he reaches the top of the tower, he takes two henchmen out easily, while Soro leads Hendra to a safe room. Down in the underworld, we see that Toko is still struggling to find Haruko and fight off evil spirits at the same time. Will he succeed to help The Crow?

Back at Soro’s mansion, The Crow continues his vengeful execution of Soro’s men. With his gun and sword, he takes care of them all easily. Majo senses he is close. Closer than he thinks, though, as The Crow bursts through the door. Soro’s last henchman soon meets his maker, leaving Majo and Hyoto standing between him and the door to the safe room. The Crow slices off the arm of Hyoto before removing his head, leaving body parts lying in a heap. Majo pleads to be released from his casket. The Crow refuses, as he is secured by black magic. As they talk, The Crow fails to notice the body of Hyoto coming back to life again. He soon realizes he is an Ikiryo… the only person who can end his life. A good ending leaves us waiting for the final issue to see the outcome.

This has developed into a good story, building up with every issue to what will be an explosive ending. An extra point again for this issue, so it’s an improved 8/10, with the hope of a fantastic conclusion next month.