This is it my fellow followers of BlueRavenComics! The last issue of Avengers Vs. X-Men. The epic conclusion of one of the most entertaining series since “The Secret Invasion”. The beginning of Marvel Now! Our last issue left us with a maddened and corrupted Scott Summers, who wrongfully finished Emma to consume the last of the Phoenix Force. Thus, the Dark Phoenix was born. I’ve been waiting to see how they were going to end this since Colossus was destroyed and now that I have the end in the palm of my hands, I hoped to whoever is out there, that this wasn’t going to be a let down.

This last issue started out like a Guy Ritchie film, where it starts at a certain period and it goes back in forth on the time line. We are taken to seventy-two hours before Dark Phoenix’s inevitable destruction. The Avengers are discussing a better way to fix this problem. Meanwhile, Wanda a Hope are going back and forth playing the blame game and eventually commence a battle of fisticuffs. Then we are transported to what I believe are the best displays of action in a panel in this series ever! Chaos surrounds the Avengers and they stand no chance at the hands of the mighty Dark Phoenix. This battle is so epic that it takes place all over the Earth. With nothing left to do but result in a last result effort to try to drop Scott to the ground, Nova volunteers to restrain Scott. Enter Wanda and Hope, who came to good terms with one another, to start the beating of a lifetime. There was a moment where it was like the “Karate Kid” and Hope would look back at her training with Iron-Fist for guidance. Scott knew this was the end and started having flash backs of his life as an X-Men. Eventually he lets go of his force after an illusion of Jean telling him to “let go”. Hope got the last strike and Just when you think it was over, The Phoenix has chosen its new host. Hope engulfs the force and begins to clean up the mess Scott made. Fearing that she too would become corrupt, the Avengers are on the defense and suddenly Wanda appears to try and convince her to end the Phoenix. In what appeared to be the most subtle hand holding ever seen, the phoenix was destroyed. The force spread through out the world and as a result, more mutants were created. Scott is detained and takes full responsibility. We get hints of whats coming next like, the Uncanny Avengers. It ends with Hope flying away on a jet pack.

Given the circumstances, I couldn’t have seen it end another way. I was fairly satisfied with the way they ended this series and I feel that they picked the right people for this last issue. As much as I love Coipel, Kubert was someone else I admired for this series and he did an excellent job. I was amazed with the fight scenes and the creativity that was put in to this issue. You can feel how big and vast the fighting range was between Scott and the Avengers. I remember one page had Scott punch the Hulk so hard, that he flew from Sydney and crash landed in Sacramento. I was neutral on how they decided to kill off the phoenix force. I was expecting another battle in the mind and instead I got Wanda and Hope holding hands. It’s very Disney like but I get it, they have Wanda and she is the a Ying to Hopes Yang. I love the cover art, it’s very “Star Wars” like and the colors they used were awesome. Iron-man really pops out in it. Overall this was an excellent series but in my opinion, not better then the Secret Invasion or Fear Itself. This issue of the end of this great feud gets a 9 out of 10. The entire series gets an 8 out of 10. Now it’s time for Marvel Now!