The Guardians are a strange mixture of superheroes. In fact, one of them is a smoking dog, who, no doubt, will make a big impact at some stage of the story. A mix of humans with powers, ones who can change form at any time, and, of course, not forgetting the dog. Issue #1 introduced the team to us and showed a mysterious figure appear in Korea. Could this be the missing Cast Iron?

Issue #2 opens with The Guardians helping flood victims in Bangladesh and pulling survivors out of raging rivers. More members have been added to The Guardians. Monster Girl and Yeti struggle to hold up a bridge, so the rest of the team can make it to safety with the people they have saved. Pegasus directs operations from above, Miss Popper teleports people to safety, and Invincible-Man carries survivors to higher ground. They seem a mismatched group, but they work really well together.

On a ship in Kuwait, Best Tiger and Kaboomerang are on a human trafficking case. Down in the hold of the ship are lots of incubators containing blue babies. The reason soon becomes apparent. A blue Mauler villain faces our two superheroes and, as it turns out, these children are his.

Kaboomerang tries to take him out, only to discover that he is just a hologram. With a crash, a huge creature appears, leaving Kaboomerang to call for help. In Mexico, the locals are being plagued by an entity that takes their children. They ask for the help of a stranger, who lives in the mission. He decides to help them, but they are unaware that he is El Chupacabra, another one of The Guardians. At The Guardians’ headquarters, we get a quick glimpse into a possible under-running story, as Outrun makes a pass at Knockout. Something that will, no doubt, be significant in future issues.

Kaboomerang’s call for help is answered, as the remaining Guardians arrive in Kuwait. As the fight rages on, Japandroid realizes something is wrong, as this is out-of-character, even for Mauler clones. As she investigates, she discovers that there is a gene bomb, which changes the DNA of all males in the vicinity when exploded, making them reproduce little blue babies, who, in turn, will become Maulers. Japandroid confronts Mauler, and tells her the target is Kuwait City, but adds that there is nothing they can do to stop him. The Guardians are too late this time, as the bomb was activated four months ago. As he steps into an escape pod, Mauler says he is young and there is plenty of time to start a family, before blasting off to safety. The Guardians are, quite literally, left holding the babies… blue ones, at that.

Back in Mexico, El Chupacabra investigates the missing children. As he talks to Guardians headquarters, he stumbles across human and animal remains below a tree. What he doesn’t see is the vicious figure lurking up the tree, ready to make its move. We know El Chupacabra is a bit gung-ho, but he might have met his match this time.

Issue #2 carries on this very entertaining story, which is a great mix of characters, all with their own individual skills that form a formidable team, when put together. A good bit of humor in the mix, too, making it a pleasant read. Nice functional artwork helps, too, with some really top-notch frames added to show the quality of Todd Nauck and John Rauch. A well-deserved 8/10 again.